EFT/Tapping, Combined Introduction and Practitioner training
29-9-2023 - 1-10-2023
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM GMT
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Member Event
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This is a combines Level 1 and 2 training allowing you to become an EFT International Accredited Practitioner 
Our training follows the EFTi syllabus and includes:
You will cover all the syllabus for Level 1 

  • The Background and History of EFT.
  • How to Use EFT Tapping (Set Up and Sequence).
  • What the Various Tapping Points Are.
  • The importance of being specific and using the right language.
  • Additional Tapping Points and Strategies.
  • Demonstrations and Opportunities To Practice.
  • Tapping for Physical Discomfort and Pain.
  • Briefly Touching On How to Use Tapping for Cravings.
  • EFT for Selfcare and Personal Peace

and then cover the following Level 2 Practitioner Level 

  • Understanding the Gentle Techniques.
  • Working with Trauma and learning how to clear phobias.
  • Addressing Physical Issues and Chasing the Pain.
  • Reversals and how to handle resistance such as self-sabotage or secondary gain.
  • Recognising Tail Enders and Limiting Beliefs.
  • Rapport, Calibration and Intuition.
  • Refining your language skills and understanding Reframing.
  • Developing excellent questioning skills to get to the Core issue.
  • Working with Groups and Borrowing Benefits.
  • Demos showing you how to use the techniques and opportunities to practice with coaching support and feedback.
  • Mentoring for aspiring EFTi Accredited practitioners, in line with EFTi requirements.
  • Opportunities to ask questions.

“Thank you very much for delivering such brilliant teachings and your amazing facilitation of the EFT levels 1 and 2 programmes over the past two days, I have wanted to learn how to practice EFT for so long and I feel blessed to have been taught by the both of you really worked very well together and the group energy was absolutely fantastic. EFT has exceeded my expectations, the 3 days seemed to fly by really quickly and yet we learned and got to practice a great deal”.
Contact Person
Lucinda Peyton-Jones
(phone: 07767685315)
The combined Level 1 & 2 is for those wishing to train and use this technique to help others, as well as for self help.  

It runs ov er 3 days, the cost is £450 with an Early Bird discount  bringing it to £395, if you before 1 month prior to the beginning of the first day of the course 
Each day runs 10am - 5pm UK timings 
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29-9-2023 - 1-10-2023