Next Level Business Club

"Where business leaders achieve and succeed."

For established SME Business Owners, Directors and CEO's who are taking their business to the next level and looking for support and peer connections

The Next Level Business Club is a community of b...

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About Next Level Business Club

About Us

"Where business leaders achieve and succeed."

For established SME Business Owners, Directors and CEO's who are taking their business to the next level and looking for support and peer connections

The Next Level Business Club is a community of business leaders who are running businesses with typically between 2 and 50 employees, where there are opportunities to be supported by experienced coaches/consultants, and each other, to achieve their business ambitions. The Next Level Business Club’s purpose is to enable members to achieve the next level in their business, whatever that be for them.

Whether you are looking for:

  • More profit
  • More time for yourself
  • Accelerated growth
  • More structure
  • More control over the business as a whole
  • An expanded better performing team
  • Extending your service offering
  • To work on your exit strategy

Or if you are just looking for people you can be open with about the business and get honest advice and feedback. We have designed a suite of programmes and services to help you overcome obstacles, increase your knowledge and get the stuff done that needs to get done in order to get you there - keeping you focused, providing you with advice, giving opportunities to discuss and providing knowledge and ideas.

Programmes and Membership Options

  • Next Level Networking - All members of any programme, whether that be group or 121, within the Next Level Business Club are invited to the Next Level Networking. This is unlike most face to face networking scenarios you will have had because you will really be meeting with your peers; no one man bands or start ups, no employees only the business owners of established businesses in Central London.
  • Next Level Accelerator Workshop - Facilitated half-day Accelerator workshop, led by experienced business coaches - An opportunity to take time out to work “on” your business and learn our tried and tested business acceleration methodology amongst your peers.
  • Next Level Accelerator - A 12 Month business acceleration program, focused on achieving your growth vision. Structured around your 12 month strategy and consistently driving the execution of that throughout the business. This is an opportunity to commit to the personal and business growth and ongoing support needed to drive your business to the next level - whilst deepening relationships with your peers along the journey.
  • Next Level Coaching & Consultancy - In addition to our group programmes we work with individual business leaders and businesses, providing business coaching, consultancy and training services which are 100% focused on them and are tailored solutions based on their business and people needs, challenges and ambitions.
  • Next Level Team Development - Our group programs are popular and have proven to be successful for many Business Owners partly because there is so much you can learn from being amongst a group of peers as you go on your business growth journey. However we recognise that is not the right approach for everyone. It serves a different purpose than having dedicated meetings, focused completely on your business alone, giving you the chance to deep dive into any aspect of your business with trained and experienced experts.
  • Next Level Peer Circles - Peer to peer monthly masterminding, facilitated by experience coaches - for those who want a place to talk, discuss ideas and challenges, learn from and gain insights from others who have shared similar experiences.

Next Level Business Club Founders

Bryan Charter, Director / Co-Founder of the Next Level Business Club

Bryan has been coaching SME business owners for over 7 years. He has worked with 100s of MDs and CEOs in both 121 and group contexts to deliver up to 200% growth YOY. Specialising in serviced based businesses, Bryan brings focus, strategic insight and the benefit of a wealth of experience to empower his clients and give them the tools to drive their businesses forward towards achieving their business ambitions. Bryan also serves as the CEO of Sustainable Systems Ltd a tech start up in the home retrofit industry.

Beverley Corson, Director / Co-Founder of the Next Level Business Club

Since setting up EBG, Beverley has spent 13 years successfully delivering business growth coaching to SME business owners. Prior to that Beverley worked for 10 years with other world-class companies providing people development and performance improvement in the business world. She is an accomplished Business, Leadership, Marketing, and Sales Coach and Trainer, and Business Development professional who uses her down to earth, supportive and personal approach to help her clients achieve clarity, direction, focus, proactivity, productivity and results

Why did we set up a business community like this?

30 Years of Experience

Having a combined experience of over 30 years of supporting business leaders to be more successful, we have seen time and time again the accelerating effect that accessing external support has had on people’s businesses.

Peer Support

We’ve also seen how access to your peers has perfectly complemented the support of professional advisors and can play a key role in your continued growth and to the growth of your business.

Powerful Network

A powerful network of like minded business owners that you can trust, learn from, solve problems with and leverage can have a significant impact on achieving your goals. For that reason we’ve incorporated the opportunity to engage with not only our experienced business coaches and consultants, but also with your peers into many of our services. They can bring different elements of knowledge, learning and experience to the table and can also share in the journey and challenges of getting to the next level with you. This level of empathetic support has proven to be one of the primary attractions to our programs time and time again.

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