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September 2022

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Wandsworth Chamber Christmas Party
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Join Wandsworth Chamber Members and guests for some in-person business networking in Clapham Junction at Hannah, Battersea.

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This is for you if you are an ambitious Founder / Director of an established business  and would benefit from stepping out of the day to day running of the business and managing your team to focus on accelerating your business to the next level.  

 Please note: If you're thinking you don't have time for this then it is definitely for you!

What is the next level in your business?

More profit? Faster growth? Greater market share?

A more independent and self managing team?
Less reliance on you for the day to day decisions, giving you more time to focus on strategic planning and leading the business forward? 
A more systematised, automated or consistent service or product delivery?
More freedom and time for the things you want outside of work?
The half day workshop and 121 Strategy Session are designed to help you move towards achieving the next level whatever that is for you so it is your chance to refresh, reboot and re-focus to ensure you're forging forward in the right direction with our proven, tried and tested business acceleration methodology.
Please note:  This is an online interactive workshop where you will meet your peers; other like minded, successful business leaders, and benefit from sharing perspectives, experiences and challenges with one another. 
Who is it for?
  • Founders and Directors of established businesses 
  • ​Business owners who want to push forward and grow faster but feel like they keep getting stuck and could do with some time out to think clearly and plan strategically
  • ​Leaders and owners who would benefit from engaging with their peers at similar stages of their business

Who is it not for?
  • Solopreneurs and brand new startups
  • Business owners without a team
  • ​Business owners who don’t see the value of collaborating with their peers

"Having worked with EBG, my business is making bigger profits than ever before, and I have a clear strategy for getting to my next business milestones."

Ben Richards, Aura homes


As a result of attending this workshop and 121 session you will be equipped to:

  • Ensure your business accelerates forward towards achieving it's potential despite any current obstacles in your way
  • Make critical business decisions with clarity and confidence to generate better results in the short, medium and long term
  • Focus on the important activities that will change your business for the better so it works for you and you can achieve what you want with it
  • ​Shift from urgent and reactive to strategic and proactive, to stop the day to day fire fighting and "stuff" getting in the way of your progress
  • ​Reduce personal or team inefficiencies, stop time wastage in the business and consistently get the right stuff done that will have the biggest impact on your success and profits
  • ​Gain greater insight into the essential leadership skills and processes you'll need for more efficient and effective operations in all areas of your business

This half day workshop and 121 session are designed to give you the essential tools you need to elevate your game, push past the day to day and move towards achieving your goals.

What's involved?

 On the half day workshop we will help you to step out of the busyness to focus on your growth plans...
  • Clarify your ambition and specific vision to have a clear direction and ensure that any strategy and action taken serves your purpose and moves you towards achieving your goals
  • Learn the powerful business acceleration methodology that's been proven to achieve 20-200% growth year on year. Create an effective strategy for your primary current challenge area
  • Learn 5 focal points required to navigate your road ahead, to remain focussed, effective and to raise your game so you can drive your business to the next level
  • Mix with your peers. Share your reflections and insights with others, and learn from other MD's, CEO's and Business Directors. 
  • Be inspired by your potential, develop the winning mindset needed to push through the next growth phase, and strengthen resilience and motivation to go for it
  • 40-min 121 Strategy Session to cement the outcomes of the workshop by:
Further clarifying your goals, sharing your plan, focusing on priorities, addressing primary concerns

This Next Level Accelerator Workshop and 121 Strategy Session will enable you to clarify what you want to achieve in the next 12 months, identify where you need to focus and improve right now in order to get there and guide you through developing an effective strategy to make it happen using our powerful business acceleration methodology.

Who are we?
  • Engineering Business Growth are focused on supporting Business Founders and Directors to increase their success through clarifying strategy, developing leadership and maintaining sustained and focused progress to achieve business and personal goals.
  • ​We believe in the impact of peer support, connectivity and accountability in our programmes so our members can build their network, learn from each other, create opportunities and solve problems together while also developing as business leaders.
  • ​Creators of the 'Next level Business Club' which has various programmes to serve different needs and preferences: 
  • Next Level Accelerator - a group coaching programme designed for business owners with 5-25 employees that want support in implementing the methodologies we teach in this Strategy Workshop.
  • ​Next Level Peer Circles
  • ​​Next Level Academy
  • 121 coaching and consultancy 
  • We have helped hundreds of business owners from various sectors to make significant and sustained progress in their business.
  • ​Members consistently report regaining control of their time and getting the business to work better for them while achieving growth of up to 200% year on year.

Why is this workshop different?
You will no doubt have seen many invitations to online masterclasses and webinars about growing your business so why is this one different?

  • Many of them are targeted at start-ups and "wannabe" business owners and entrepreneurs which is a massive market lapping up the free sessions - ours is for business owners who have at least a small team and an established customer base, and is not free so that we exclude those not right for it.
  • Many are actually about marketing and we all know that growing a business is not just about getting more leads (though that is important of course) - we focus on all functions of a business, so yes marketing and sales but also finance, operations and talent as it is all connected when pushing for growth.
  • Most of them are someone talking at you, so you have no chance to interact, share what you are thinking or hear from other business owners - we limit numbers and use breakout rooms so you get to speak with us and others. It's not about getting mass numbers in for us and more about providing a quality developmental experience.
  • Most have no follow up other than a possible upsell - we are including a bonus 121 strategy session with an expert coach to ensure your notes don't go in the bottom drawer never to be seen again! We want to help you to implement it and get as much out of it as you can.
Is this for you?
Would you like to feel 100% in control and on top of all aspects of your business?
Do you want to be totally confident you and your team are doing what you need on a monthly, weekly and daily basis to keep moving in the right direction and make your ambitions a reality?
Is there more work to be done to reach the level of freedom, financial success, lifestyle and satisfaction you want out of your business?
Is there more work to be done to ensure your business is performing as is needed to achieve the personal and professional success you want in the future?
Do you need to develop your roadmap for driving it to the next level towards achieving your goals?
If so, this workshop is for you.

"After attending this event me and my business partner were totally clear on how we needed to move forward and what to focus on next – we’d recommend it to any business wanting to grow!"

Dom Thorpe, Wireless Fitness Ltd.

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